Beds, Mattresses
& Headboards

Here at Deans we believe a good nights sleep results in a better you. A good mattress promotes relaxation and helps lower stress which is so important helping you to rest, recharge and your body recover


We are quickly becoming known for quality, quick service and keen pricing. We will help you at every stage to choose the right product for you whether it be a mattress, divan set ottoman divan or the most important the mattress.


We are suppliers of Silent Night-The UK’s most trusted sleep brand, Rest Assured, Breasley Salus, Duvaley and Shire Beds. We have chosen our suppliers based on quality and to suit every pocket


All of our suppliers are based in the UK and made in the UK ensuring high quality.


We can deliver your purchase to you at a time convenient to you and arrange for your old bed to be taken away *for a small charge